TerraMedusa’s Style of Specialism

TerraMedusa provides solutions suitable for the character of every institution. Its profession is limited with Proactive Penetration Test, Cyber Intelligence and Counselling. It does not work in any other areas. This understanding, which is special to TerraMedusa annihilates the addiction to the producer and the product

The Special Skills of TerraMedusa

TerraMedusa informs the institutions about the data loss by pursuing the closed sources in which most of the cyber criminals interact with each other with the help of a self-created Cyber Intelligence substructure. In addition, with more than 100 hundred servers it has, it constantly collects live data about the hackers’ tools and techniques

Leave Away The Threats

With TerraMedusa Proactive Penetration Test, your information systems are tested about the information security by worldwide famous legal hackers by simulating the real hackers techniques

TerraMedusa Research & Development

TerraMedusa not only uses the known security vulnerabilities/tools but also it discovers new security holes and develops special tools to get rid of them. TerraMedusa owns a wide security announcement archive with the security announcements it releases. The published and unpublished security announcements are researched by special tools and technics

Unique in its profession

TerraMedusa is a leader company that published the first security announcement (1999), the wide range of the security announcements and discovered some weaknesses in the products of well-known companies such as Microsoft, HP, AOL, Novell, Redhat. TerraMedusa always goes one-step further with its self-discovered security holes and the corporate tools it developed

National and International References

TerraMedusa provides specialized solution in Proactive Penetration Test, Cyber Intelligence and Counselling areas to the corporate firms not just in Turkey but also in different states and in companies around the world. TerraMedusa is only a member of “The Cyber Intelligence Search Consortium of Carnegie Mellon University” to which some state institutions of the USA and some firms like Airbus, Lockheed Martin belong. TerraMedusa is the one and only Turkish firm that is accepted to this consortium


Differencies of TerraMedusa


You are aware of the fact that your company is under the risk of confronting with the threats or your institution is already exposed to the threats. Click on the links below in order to learn more about the privileged services of TerraMedusa.


    • TerraMedusa Proactive Penetration Test


    • TerraMedusa Cyber Intelligence


    • TerraMedusa Counselling



What did they say?

When the meeting we held with TerraMedusa ended I had already realized that we could not be secure only by investing on some machines like firewall and IPS.

IT Director / Retail Industry

We do not have any chance to make a mistake in areas relating public safety. For this reason, we achieved fruitful results in projects demanding high security with TerraMedusa.

IT Department Manager / Goverment

We already apply the regulations strictly. Nevertheless, it is much more different from scales of threats that are imposed by real life scenarios. We are glad to walk with TerraMedusa against the threats in real life that may be released by the hackers with blackhat.

IT Director / Finance Sector

We work with TerraMedusa as we want a different work other than automatic tools, known techniques and the reports that are in the same schemata. The generated benefit positively affects not just our company but also our customers. We are quite sure that we are going to sign in many projects they give service.

CEO / Telecommunication Sector